e-con Systems (St Louis, MO) has released the Full HD MIPI Camera Board, e- CAM51_44×, for Texas Instruments’ OMAP4 family of processors. The e-CAM51_44× camera board is interfaced to the PandaBoard, which is based on the OMAP4430/ OMAP4460 processor. e-CAM51_44× includes e-CAM57_MI5640_MOD, a 5 MP autofocus MIPI CSI-2 camera module. A 70- mm flex cable provides flexibility in enclosure design as the module can be placed as far as 100 mm from the processor interface.

OmniVision‘s OV5640 CameraChip™ sensor, which is part of the e-CAM57_MI5640_MOD, has an embedded ISP. The sensor features automatic image control functions: automatic exposure control (AEC), automatic white balance (AWB), automatic band filter (ABF), 50/60Hz automatic luminance detection, and automatic black level calibration (ABLC).

The e-CAM51_44× board includes full schematics and Linux driver support with source code. It streams Full HD 1080p@30fps and HD 720p@60fps.

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