Integrated Microwave Technologies, LLC (Mount Olive, NJ), a Business Unit within the Vitec Group’s Videocom Division, offers new Concealment Video Kits (CTVK). The CTVK all-in-one kit includes a hide with an integrated miniature Concealment COFDM Transmitter (CTxII); a COFDM briefcase Mobile Viewer Receiver; a Nexus 7 Android tablet for transmitter control; battery chargers; and all required cabling. Housed in a portable carrying case, the CTVK uses COFDM digital RF transmission. Each product also comes equipped with eConn Graphical User Interface (GUI) software, which allows users to change frequency plans, modify AES encryption keys, or assign unit names to each transmitter remotely. The eConn GUI connects through a mini USB connector (or Bluetooth® for the CTxII) and enables an administrator to configure up to 16 different frequency plans, with access control to prevent unauthorized changes by the user.

The IMT family of Concealment Transmitters (CTx and CTxII) includes video/audio transmitters with standard selectable modulation bandwidths of 6, 7, and 8 MHz. They feature H.264 SD encoding, operate in the standard 2k DVB-T COFDM mode, and are specifically designed to be integrated into a system featuring a 10-pin standard Molex interface connector.

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