Vision Research (Wayne, NJ) has introduced the Phantom® Miro® C-Series. The 73 × 73 × 72 mm cameras withstand shocks of 170G and vibration of 17 grms. Comprising two models, the Phantom Miro C210J and C210, the Miro C-Series includes a 12-bit, ½-inch CMOS sensor, which captures images at a maximum speed of 2,000 frames per second (fps) at full 1280 x 1024 resolution. With standard mounting holes integrated into the camera bodies, the Miro C210J and C210 can be securely fastened and positioned.

The cameras have an internal battery and internal, non-removable Phantom CineFlash® memory. The devices can also immediately store images to the CineFlash. Should AC power be interrupted, the internal battery offers up to 30 minutes of backup power, allowing the camera to store images to the local memory.

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