Sierra-Olympic Technologies (Hood River, OR) has introduced the Viento 640 thermal imaging camera. The imager features a 640 × 480 × 17 μm uncooled vanadium oxide FPA in a 30 Hz or 9 Hz version. Customers are not required to buy custom connectors and crimpers to interface to Viento.

The new camera features user-selectable NTSC, PAL analog, or 14- bit/8-bit Camera Link® digital outputs. Either USB or RS-232 serial provides camera control. The Viento 640 is available with eight athermalized optics options, including 6-degree HFOV, 9-degree view HFOV, 12-degree HFOV, 17-degree HFOV, 24-degree HFOV, 37-degree HFOV, 44-degree HFOV, and 90-degree HFOV. The Viento 640 spectral response range is from 8 to 14 microns.

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