Luminus Devices, Billerica, MA
Aiptek, Hsinchu, Taiwan

Luminus Devices is powering Aiptek’s new Pocket-Cinema V50 Projector, a small projector enabling instant projection for business presentations, photo sharing, and gaming. The Pocket Cinema V50 Projector combines DLP optical technology with Luminus’ SBT-16 LED pico-projection chipset for sharp and rich image quality.

The SBT-16 chipset is designed specifically for hand-held projectors that use micro-displays ranging from 0.2" to 0.45" with individual red, green, and blue LEDs. The SBT-16 chipset features a 1.6 mm2 emitting area, large operating dynamic range with drive current up to 4 A, and a compact, un-encapsulated surface-mount (SMT) package with 6 oC/W thermal resistance.

The PocketCinema V50 Projector enables image projection up to 85 inches.
The V50’s 848 x 480 (WVGA) resolution enables image projection up to 85 inches from digital cameras, mobile phones, notebooks, and gaming consoles. The built-in reader is compatible with an extensive list of business and multimedia file formats, including 720p high-definition video, allowing immediate projection of presentations or movies without having to convert files. The V50 has a battery life of up to two hours.

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