Energy Focus, Inc. announced that it has recently received an additional $1.5 million order to provide IntelliTube™ LED fluorescent replacement tubes, IntelliTube LED berth light fixtures, and a variety of the company's high performance LED globe fixtures to upgrade the lighting on a number of U. S. Navy ships. Installation of the lighting will be performed by U. S. Navy personnel.

"Energy Focus LED products have a 50,000-hour lifespan compared to the 1,000-hour bulbs in incandescent globes and 7,500-hour fluorescent tubes while using less than half the energy. In addition, our LED fixtures are designed for easy installation. The globes use the existing mounting brackets and our IntelliTube LED tubes simply twist into the existing fixture — exactly like the fluorescent tubes they're replacing," said Roger Buelow, Energy Focus CTO.

Joe Kaveski, Energy Focus CEO commented, "As I noted in our recent first quarter 2012 investor conference call, Energy Focus is delighted with the additional $1.5 million order to provide the Navy its breakthrough LED lighting products. We look forward to upgrading the Navy fleet over the next several years supporting the Navy's maritime energy strategy."

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This article first appeared in the November, 2012 issue of Lighting Technology Magazine.

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