Libelium recently announced the availability of a new smart lighting solution for Smart Cities deployments based on the modular Waspmote Plug & Sense! wireless sensor network platform.

Measuring ambient light (luminosity) with a new set of directionable sensor probes, Libelium’s Smart Lighting device also includes temperature and humidity sensors and is capable of monitoring conditions inside buildings or in tunnels, as well as outside in the streets.

“Smart Lighting is one of the key Smart Cities applications,” said David Gascón, CTO of Libelium. “It allows municipalities to save money and energy by dimming lights during low traffic hours and to enhance security by lighting dark areas when people are passing.”

The system combines a broadband photo-diode to detect visible and infrared light and an infrared-responding photodiode on a single CMOS integrated circuit to provide a nearphotopic response over an effective 20-bit dynamic range, with 16-bit resolution. The sensor can measure precise light intensity information ranging from 0.1 to 40,000 lux, giving it the ability to detect sunrise, sunset or small variations in cloud appearance so it can trigger the necessary actions for smart control of the lighting. A directionable sensor probe can be easily adjusted in the desired direction, even pointing directly to the sky, to deliver accurate results.

The Waspmote Plug & Sense! platform is designed for quick deployment of Smart City sensor applications, featuring devices that are pre-configured to create services such as Smart Parking or Smart Environment, directly out of the box. Sensor probes may be added to the device or replaced without having to uninstall the unit itself, keeping maintenance costs low for a scalable and sustainable solution.

There are multiple radio options offered for communication between the sensor nodes with the Gateway. ZigBee and 802.15.4 are used commonly in order to create tree and start topologies. WiFi can be used to connect with any WiFi AP while the 3G/GPRS radio can be used in order to send the sensor data directly to the Cloud without using an intermediate Gateway.

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