Light Efficient Design, a division of TADD, LLC, recently completed an LED retrofit project in the busy “Street of Dreams” retail area of the Monte Carlo Casino and Resort. Monte Carlo, one of 10 MGM resorts on the Las Vegas Strip, replaced 96 500-watt halogen lamps with 50-watt LED lamps in a retail area covering 8,950 square feet. The dramatic decrease in watt usage has created tremendous energy savings.

Monte Carlo Resort’s Street of Dreams
The energy savings have in turn created cost-efficiency, another goal of the project. Resort management estimates that project payback has been achieved in less than four months.

“It’s an amazingly quick recovery,” says Chris Magee, Executive Director of Sustainability for MGM Resorts International.

The Street of Dreams is the retail centerpiece of the Monte Carlo Casino and Resort. Magee worked closely with Curtis Saunders, Account Executive for NEDCO Supply, and Tim Taylor, to identify Light Efficient Design’s LED-8045 as the right LED retrofit product solution for the space.

The LED-8045 met critical criteria for the resort, including providing LED retrofit lamps that allow the resort to maintain the original fixtures and lighting design of the shopping area. The UL certification that Light Efficient Design’s lamps carry also reassured Magee that the lamps would meet the regulatory criteria.

LED-8045 retrofit lamp
In addition, Light Efficient Design worked with Magee to develop custom color lamps with a warmer white that contribute to an improved customer experience. “The new lamps not only save wattage, they have enabled us to brighten up the area without dramatically changing the look and feel of Street of Dreams,” notes Magee.

The LED retrofit has successfully reduced energy consumption while maintaining the comfort and ambience of Street of Dreams, which is the gateway to CityCenter in the heart of Las Vegas. CityCenter, the largest sustainable development in the world, is owned by MGM Resorts and Infinity World Development, a division of Dubai World.

The Monte Carlo Resort and Casino, which is one of 23 resorts owned and operated by MGM Resorts International, was built in 1995/96 at a cost of $344 million and features a total of 22,000 square feet of retail space.

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