The ZELARA series from Zenaro Lighting (Boynton Beach, FL) offers LED-recessed light fixtures with two diameters of 118 and 170 mm. The ZELARA downlights achieve light beams of at least 15°, 35°, and 50°. Two light colors of 2700K and 5700K are optionally available.

When mounted, the recessed downlight’s 2.5mm rim is flush with the ceiling. In its final position, the adjustable spotlight can be tilted by 15 degrees. ZELARA is available with 3, 6, or 8 high power LEDs, which are protected by a level in front and securely sealed PMMA lens optics.

The cooling elements required for thermal management are graphically structured, like ice crystals, and are attached on the back of the white LED body. The retaining ring, made of matt white plastic and two springs, fix the luminaire in all standard ceiling tiles. The LED driver supplies extra-low voltage (IP44, protection class 2) via micro plug.

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