Evonik Cyro LLC (Parsippany, NJ) recently announced the launch of ACRYLITE® LED, molding and extrusion compounds designed specifically for LED lighting applications. By offering ACRYLITE® LED in both molding compounds and sheet products, customers are given more options to create unique designs and different LED applications. Each of the four grades of ACRYLITE® LED carries light from the LED source in edge-lit applications in an even manner over a specific distance. No additional diffusion films or microstructures are required on the component surface to achieve uniform light output over the entire surface.

ACRYLITE® LED is offered in four grades - LD12, LD24, LD48, and LD96. Each grade designation indicates the light range capability up to 12cm, 24cm, 48cm and 96 cm. ACRYLITE® LED is also available in two translucent white colors developed specifically for backlit applications. The two materials provide uniform light distribution, high transmission and elimination of disturbing hotspots. These properties reduce the spacing required between the cover and the LED light source optimizing the componentís wall thickness.

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This article first appeared in the September, 2012 issue of Lighting Technology Magazine.

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