Gigahertz-Optik (Newburyport, MA) has developed a cost effective measurement system consisting of the BTS256-LED tester and LPS-20-1500 LED power supply with S-BTS256 software to assist with single pulse LED binning.

The BTS256-LED Tester is a compact measurement device designed for high accuracy measurement of luminous flux, spectral and color data of single assembled and unassembled LEDs in the visible spectrum. The BTS256’s bi-technology light sensor offers a fine photometric response photodiode for accurate wide dynamic range flux detection.

The LPS-20-1500 is a microprocessor-based current and voltage source especially designed for the operation of LEDs and other semiconductor light sources requiring low noise. The LPS20-1500 operates up to 1500mA with 30μA resolution and up to 24V with 0.5mV resolution.

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