Everlight Electronics (Carrollton, TX) has introduced a new highly efficient white mid-power LED series 62-227B (0.4W) and 62-217B (0.5W). These top view LEDs (5630 package) provide high efficacy, high CRI (min. 80 or min. 75), low power consumption, a high luminous flux output, high current capability, a wide viewing angle, and a compact form factor. The design of Everlight’s 0.5W 62-217B LED provides a high lumen, high quality light solution for mid-power applications . Measuring 5.6mm × 3.0mm × 0.9mm (LxWxH), the 62-217B Mid-Power LED is available in 13 versions in warm white (2700-3000K), neutral white (4000K), and cold white (5700-6500K) with typical luminous fluxes ranging from 40lm to 60lm.

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