Visual Communications Company (VCC) (Poway, CA) has introduced based LEDs designed to serve as drop-in replacements for outmoded T1-3/4 and T3-1/4 incandescent lamps. Available in a range of base designs, including wedge, bayonet, midget flange, and midget groove, the LEDs feature average lifespans of 100,000 hours.

The T1-3/4 based LED series, with 12, 24, and 28V versions, has wedge, midget flange, and midget groove bases. Its T3-1/4 based LEDs are available with wedge or bayonet bases. Wedge-based T3-1/4 LEDs options include 12, 24, and 28V. Bayonet-based T3-1/4 LEDs, which come in both single- and multi-LED configurations (i.e. three high-brightness LEDs in a single package), are also available in 24, 28, 125, and 230V. A 12V single-LED T3-1/4 bayonet based lamp is also offered.

The LED series is rated for storage and use in temperatures ranging from -40 °C to +85 °C. Standard colors include red, green, yellow, blue, and clear or diffused white. Custom colors are available upon request.

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