Newport Corporation (Irvine, CA) is partnering with Lumencor Inc. to offer the SOLA II Series of LED-based light engines as an addition to its range of photonics instruments. The Sola II light engines are intense, white-light solid state illuminators for bio analysis and microscopy applications. With their unique design and patented technology, the Sola II light engines offer excellent illumination and higher brightness than comparable products. The pre-aligned, turn-key systems require no maintenance, are compact and easy to use. In addition, all SOLA II Series light engines are mercury free, CE, RoHS, and REACH certified.

The light engines are primarily used with microscopes or spectrometers where high-brightness light sources are required. The SOLAII Series is available with manual or electronic control as well as in packages including a light engine, liquid light guide, collimator, and adapter.

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