Heraeus Precious Metals (West Conshohocken, PA) is pleased to announce the continuing performance growth and reliability of CelcionTM. CelcionTM is a thick film material system designed to produce electronic circuits for LED lighting on aluminum substrates. It is a highly efficient alternative to traditional metal core printed circuit boards (MCPCBs).

Heraeus CelcionTM is able to take the same fit as MCPCBs but delivers increased thermal connectivity and high dielectric breakdown strength. It incorporates a selective additive deposition process using material only where it's needed. Through use of a limited amount of material and the removal of interface materials that increase thermal resistance, CelcionTM provides a more direct connection to the aluminum heat sink, reducing the need for heat spreading layers and reducing the thermal footprint. CelcionTM circuits typically run 10°C or more cooler than MCPCBs. Because CelcionTM circuits run cooler, one can increase the power output, thereby reducing the number of LEDs needed by up to 20%.

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