Prior Scientific (Rockland, MA) offers the NZ400 NanoScan Piezo Stage System for researchers producing rapid Z sections and live cell 3D images of specimens grown in well plates, large petri dishes, or mounted to glass slides. The stage can create a stack of images using multiple objectives in the Z axis with nanometer precision at high speed (typically 50 frames per second). The stage offers 400 microns of travel, 2.5-nanometer repeatability, and closed-loop control using a sub-angstrom-resolution piezoresistive sensor. Designed to mount to the company’s ProScan H117 series of motorized stages, the system can be provided as a standalone device that can be mounted onto a range of XY stages, including manually driven stages from a number of microscope vendors. It is compatible with most imaging software products, and comes standard with control inputs for RS-232, USB, and 0-10V analog input.

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