Silicon Designs (Issaquah, WA) has introduced the Model 2210-005, a ±5g, low-noise, single-axis accelerometer module that incorporates MEMS capacitive sensing elements. The sensing elements are packaged within a lightweight anodized epoxy aluminum housing, occupying a footprint of one square inch. The accelerometers feature a four-wire connection and internal voltage regulator, as well as high-drive, low-impedance buffering to support low-frequency acceleration measurement requirements from 0 to 400 Hz.

The accelerometer produces two analog voltage outputs that vary with acceleration. Users can employ either single-ended or differential output. The sensitive axis is perpendicular to the bottom of the package, with positive acceleration defined as a force pushing on the bottom of the package. The signal outputs are fully differential about a common mode voltage of about 2.5V. The output scale factor is independent from the supply voltage of 9 to 32V.

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