Bosch Sensortec (Reutlingen, Germany) has integrated two triaxial MEMS sensors in a single package. The BMI055, a combination of an acceleration sensor and a gyroscope, is an inertial measurement unit for applications with six degrees of freedom (6DoF). The elements — acceleration sensor, gyroscope, and software — are all one piece. Supplied in a LGA 3.0 × 4.5 × 0.95 mm package, the unit features resolution of 16 bits for the gyroscope, and 12 bits for the accelerometer. The measurement range of the sensors is programmable from ±125 °/s to ±2000 °/s for the gyroscope, and ±2 g to ±16 g for the accelerometer. I2C and SPI digital interfaces offer communication options. Along with the unit, a custom software solution combines measurement data of both sensors, providing optimized sets of data for various target applications. In combination with an optional geomagnetic sensor, the software enables the design of 9DoF applications.

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