Aerotech (Pittsburgh, PA) offers the MPS-GR series rotary stages available in two sizes: the MPS50GR and MPS75GR. They incorporate wormgear drive and bearing components for repeatable positioning, and are available with DC servo or stepper motors and either a 20-mm (MPS50GR) or 30-mm (MPS75GR) clear aperture. The clear aperture allows the stages to address applications requiring a through-hole or accommodations to mount an optic, including articulation of beam polarizing lenses, through-holes for cabling or air lines, or vision/camera/inspection applications. The DC servomotors for the stages are equipped with a square-wave rotary encoder, and the MPS75GR includes a manual adjustment knob.

The stages provide performance of up to 80 arc seconds accuracy, 1 arc second resolution, 6 arc seconds repeatability, and 180 degrees per second maximum speed. Top load capacity is 12 kg and tilt error motion is 40 arc seconds. Both stages are available with optional vacuum preparation to 10-6 torr, including a vacuum-rated motor/feedback connector. An optional breadboard mounting plate provides direct mounting to both English and metric optical tables, and a Lens Mount Option (LMO) permits easy mounting of standard lenses over the stage aperture.

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