Silicon Designs (Kirkland, WA) has introduced the model 2276 accelerometer with four-wire threaded removable connector. It offers continuous operation to +125°C (+250°F) when used with an 8-32V power supply. It is designed for zero- to medium-frequency applications, offering integral amplification and high-drive, lowimpedance buffering. Users can exchange, move, reposition, and replace accelerometers within a given test setup. The accelerometer produces two analog voltage outputs and supports both singleended and differential modes. Signal outputs are fully differential about a 2.5V common mode voltage. Sensitivity is independent from the supply voltage of +8 to +32V. At zero acceleration, the output differential voltage is nominally 0 VDC; at full-scale acceleration, the output differential voltage is ±4 VDC.

The sensors feature onboard voltage regulation and an internal voltage reference. Within standard range (±2 g to ±400 g), most accelerometers continue to operate after sustained exposures of up to 10K g shock, and with limited exposure to temperatures above +200 °C.

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