B&R Industrial Automation Corp. (Roswell, GA) offers standardized system modules for CNC machines. Consisting of hardware components, all necessary software functions, and available simulation options, the software package makes it possible to quickly implement automation processes. The system integrates CNC, PLC, and motion control in one controller, and the function modules in the standard CNC package are designed to provide all important functions for CNC processing machines, including functions for operation, configuration, and diagnostics of the system, and in particular, all the axes and CNC channels.

The CNC package consists of a 15" panel in portrait format, based on a Power Panel 400 with additional integrated operating elements. Programmable function and navigation keys enable users to control the visualization system, and a navigation wheel can also be used for input elements on all pages of the visualization application. The CNC panel is complemented by a handheld device that lets the machine operator move around the machine and make required entries at the ideal location.

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