International Rectifier (El Segundo, CA) has introduced a family of 600V insulatedgate bipolar transistors (IGBTs) for motor drive applications operating below 10 kHz, including compressors for refrigerators and air-conditioners. The Gen7 F devices employ punch-through Trench technology to deliver high power density, and the ability to optimize conduction and switching losses for a specific frequency of operation. They offer smooth switching to reduce EMI and overshoots, and are short-circuit-rated for motor drive applications. The IRG7RC10FD and IRG7IC30FD are co-packaged with a soft recovery diode, while the IRG7SC12F is a single IGBT that allows the designer to choose a specific diode for the application.

Two motor control reference designs featuring Gen 7 F IGBTs are available. The IRMDKG7-400W features the IRG7SC30FD DPAK IGBT and IRS2334S 3-phase HVIC driver for motors up to 400W. The IRMDKG7- 600W features the IRG7SC30FD DPAK IGBT and IRS2334S 3- phase HVIC driver for motors up to 600W. Both reference designs include an optional heat sink.

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