Haydon Kerk Motion Solutions, a division of AMETEK Precision Motion Control (Waterbury, CT), has introduced the BGS04 Linear Rail System designed for high-moment loads. The roll, pitch, and yaw moment load capability allows the system to maintain accuracy and repeatability in applications requiring significant cantilevered loading. The system features a Haydon™ linear actuator driving a Kerk® 303 stainless steel precision lead screw. The screw is coated with Black Ice® TFE coating, providing a permanent wear-resistant dry lubrication. The lead screw drives an anti-backlash nut embedded in a machined aluminum carriage mounted to a stainless steel ball rail. The linear rail is available with either the Size 11 (28mm) double stack or Size 17 (42mm) single stack hybrid linear actuator. Maximum roll, pitch, and yaw moments are 5.72 lb-ft, 4.88 lb-ft, and 5.68 lb-ft, respectively.

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