Dytran Instruments (Chatsworth, CA) offers the VibraScout™ Vibration Measurement System that includes a USB digital triaxial accelerometer combining a MEMS accelerometer with a microcontroller to create an intelligent sensor. The system consists of a USB triaxial DC response accelerometer; 15-foot, 4- pin to USB cable assembly; data acquisition software; and Windows-compatible post-processor software. The triaxial accelerometer features power from a PC bus, so no additional external power supply is required. The software allows for real-time, threedirectional acceleration acquisition and real-time temperature monitoring. The standard USB protocol handles all the sensor communications with the PC.

Offered with a 16g range, the variable capacitance (VC) accelerometer combines an integrated VC chip in a hermetically sealed titanium housing, and is offered with a low-end frequency response down to DC (0 Hz) and an upper frequency range of 1,100 Hz. Units are rugged to 10,000g shock and operate from +3.8 to +6.0 VDC power. The system was designed for low- to medium-frequency vibration applications where portability is critical.

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