PL Series linear actuators from Promation Engineering (Brooksville, FL) provide up to 4400 lbs. of force and up to 3.9" (100 mm) travel. This increased up and down force allows use of a globe valve for increased flow control in higher pipe diameters with higher close-off pressures versus use of a corresponding butterfly valve. The actuators offer field-selectable travel stops that can be set by location within the stroke, or by the rated force at the end of the stroke.

On/off/floating/proportional control is achieved through a microcontroller that has 4-20 mA or 2-10VDC input and feedback, AutoCalibration, and flashing LED diagnostic indicators. A PEI-designed linkage system can be configured to various valve bonnets and stem heights. A standard disengagable manual override allows fast manual positioning of the valve. The actuators are compatible with 24VAC, 24VDC, 120VAC, and 230VAC power supplies.

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