Kurt Manufacturing (Minneapolis, MN) has introduced MaxLock™ 5-axis vises offering a 2-1/2'' and a 4-1/2'' jaw width. The new models are designed for precision small part machining, and for clamping parts for continuous 5- axis cutting motion of complex pockets, sculptured and contoured surfaces, and 3D features. The vice has a self-centering design and patented Anglock® feature. They align parts in the vise and reduce part lift to a minimum by pulling parts down and holding them with maximum rigidity for close tolerance repeatability in all axes. Holding parts up to 6-1/2'' in length (with machined jaws), these self-centering vise model sizes clamp both OD and ID. They feature an adjustable centerline. Their tall jaws provide increased spindle clearance and are machinable to include a “step,” eliminating the need for parallels. The vises feature SHCS for mounting and 5/8" dowel holes for mounting on risers using sine keys.

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