Force Control Industries (Fairfield, OH) offers a double C-Face coupler brake that mounts on the drive end of a standard C-Face motor. Mounting the brake between the reducer and C-Face motor allows a standard C-face motor to be used. Applications include palletizers, packaging machinery, and cranes. The Posistop air-actuated and MagnaShear electrically actuated coupler brakes never need adjustment. An annual fluid change, without removing the motor, is required.

Unlike dry brakes, the oil shear technology includes a layer of automatic transmission fluid between the brake disc and the drive plate. As the fluid is compressed, the fluid molecules shear, imparting torque to the other side. This torque transmission causes the stationary surface to turn, bringing it up to the same relative speed as the moving surface. In addition to transmitting torque, a patented fluid recirculation system helps to dissipate heat.

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