Oriental Motor (Torrance, CA) has introduced the DGII Series hollow rotary actuator that uses an AR Series closed loop motor. In addition to the pulse input type package, a built-in controller (stored data) type package with I/O, Modbus, or EtherCAT (via a gateway converter) communications is also available. Both types come with a 3-m (9.8-ft.) cable. The actuator offers reduced power consumption and heat output, and the large-diameter hollow hole (through-hole) helps to reduce the complexity of wiring and piping.

The actuator is available in 60-mm (2.36 in.), 85-mm (3.35 in.), 130- mm (5.12 in.), and 200-mm (7.87 in.) frame sizes with a maximum torque of 50 N•m (440 lb-in), and can handle up to 400 N (900 lbs) of permissible thrust load and high moment loading.

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