ACS Motion Control (Eden Prairie, MN) offers SPiiPlusUDMlc compact EtherCAT dual/quad-axis drive for equipment utilizing small motors such as pick/place machines, tabletop motion platforms, and wide-format inspection/ assembly equipment. The universal drives can run servo, stepper, and voice coil motors with a power range of 10W to 200W. The type of motor is selected by the user, and can be set differently for each drive axis. It is available in three current levels (cont./peak per axis): 1.25/2.5A, 2.5/5A, or 5/10A (dual-axis version only); supports motor bus voltages from 15-48Vdc; and has inputs for four digital incremental and up to two absolute encoders.

A high-linearity power stage, full sinusoidal commutation with field-oriented control, and advanced position, velocity, and current loop servo algorithms running at a 20-kHz sampling and update rate enables nanometer level positioning. The slave drive module is supported by the SPiiPlusNT Suite application development studio for drive configuration, axis tuning, and multi-axis application programming.

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