CD-adapco (Melville, NY) offers two connected simulation programs, SPEED and STAR-CCM+, for machine design. The SPEED tool is used to design motors, generators, and alternators; STAR-CCM+ is a heat transfer and thermal fluid flow program. Design data is seamlessly transferred between the two programs. The SPEED model is created and solved with static/dynamic analytical analysis. SPEED FE is used to fine-tune the analytical model and calculate the iron losses. The 3D machine geometry is set up in STAR-CCM+, including the end windings creation from SPEED via an xGDF file. Flow heat loss results are transferred from FE analysis to STAR-CCM+ via the SBD-file, and heat losses are mapped automatically. The cooling system, bearing shields, and additional flanges are added via importing from a 3D CAD system. Physics are assigned, and the final solution and post-processing are done in STAR-CCM+.

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