The DCX 10S and DCX 22L motors from maxon motor (Fall River, MA) are new additions to the DCX series of DC motors. Also available is the GPX 22 gearhead in a version with reduced noise level and with ceramic axes. The DCX 10S is a brushed DC motor with high power density and low vibration that exceeds the 1 mNm threshold during continuous use. It features mechanical output power of up to 1.4W in a 10-mm diameter. It can be equipped with sintered bearings or ball bearings. The DCX 22L is a brushed DC motor with a diameter of 22 mm.

The GPX 22C is the same size as the GPX 22, and provides approximately 20% higher torques. The GPX 22LN is a low-noise version of the GPX 22 with plastic planet gears in the input stage that reduce operating noise by about 5 dBA.

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