Nemicon Corp. (Tokyo, Japan) offers the 7S Series incremental rotary encoder that measures 7.2 mm (0.28346") in diameter, and features high resolution and high noise immunity. The encoders offer 3 signals: A, B, and Z (index signal), and three options for resolution from 100 to 400 pulses per rotation. Output type is open collector with a maximum current consumption of 30 mA. Maximum operating frequency is 100 kHz, starting torque is 3gf•cm or less, and the encoders come equipped with a 50-cm cable. The operating temperature range is -10 to +80 °C, and the encoders are rated at IP50 environmental resistance.

The encoders are suited for use in applications where space is limited, including robots (especially sensing robot arm parts), small motors, electric actuators, measuring instruments, inspection equipment, assembly machines, mounting equipment, semiconductor and LCD manufacturing equipment, medical equipment, surveillance cameras, and other industrial machines.

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