Texas Instruments (Dallas, TX) has introduced the DRV8711 integrated stepper motor pre-driver that is configurable with an on-chip microstepping indexer, as well as stall detection and current regulation that tunes any motor. External MOSFETs control the stepper motor to provide minimum heat dissipation. The pre-driver is designed for industrial applications including video surveillance and robotics. The gate drive supports up to 200 mA of source current per 400 mA of sink current with adjustable slew rate, dead-time, and on-time to accommodate application requirements.

The motion profile spins a stepper motor with an integrated microstepping indexer capable of up to 1/256 microstepping. Adaptive blanking time and various current decay modes — including slow, fast, mixed, and auto-mixed decay — achieve a smooth profile. Other features include an internal and external stall-detect feature, and user-programmable output current, microstepping mode, current decay mode, and stall detection.

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