TI-300 Series torque inserts from Reell Precision Manufacturing (St. Paul, MN) provide positioning and pivoting, enabling precise, controlled positioning of equipment and components for a range of hinging applications. They feature a rated service life of 50,000 cycles and incorporate ReellTorq® clip technology, which eliminates the need for adjustment. Three package sizes are available: TI-320, TI-340, and TI-360. All are manufactured with powdered metal housings. Depending on the model, torque capabilities range from 0.5 Nm/4.4 in-lb. to 10.0 Nm/88.5 in-lb. Symmetric or one-way torque options are available. The inserts press-fit into round holes for one-step installation. Mounting profile options include exposed shaft end, knurled zinc adapter (for installation into plastics), and one-way bearing adapter (to mount TI-340 or TI-360 versions).

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