Exlar Corp., a Curtiss-Wright company (Chanhassen, MN), has announced the Tritex II integrated linear actuator with a 75-mm frame size. With forces to 1035 lbf continuous and 2075 lbf peak, the AC powered actuator features a 1.5kW servo amplifier. The actuators combine a brushless servomotor with an AC or DC powered servo drive, digital position controller, and linear or rotary actuator. All elements are assembled into a single, compact, waterproof housing. The actuators, with built-in mechanical converters, eliminate the need for traditional ball screw or gear reducer mechanisms. They also incorporate the required position control and power electronics into the actuator, eliminating the external servo amplifier and the cables associated with a typical servo system.

Multiple feedback types, including absolute feedback, allow the user to select the system best suited for the application. The actuators support digital and analog I/O, plus communication networks such as Modbus TCP, Ethernet/IP, PROFINET IO, and CANopen. They are available with different mountings (metric or imperial) such as front flange, rear clevis mount, side mount, trunnion mount, extended tie rod, and rear flange.

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