Meggitt Sensing Systems (Irvine, CA) has introduced the Endevco model 7284 series of lightly damped, high-g, triaxial piezoresistive shock accelerometers. The rugged sensors are available in 20,000 g and 60,000 g ranges. The accelerometers make high-g shock measurements across three mutually perpendicular axes. With a frequency response extending down to dc (steady state), they can measure long-duration transient shocks.

The device incorporates three sensors mounted in a triaxial arrangement within a single housing. Each axis features a piezoresistive MEMS sensor with light gas damping to attenuate resonant amplitudes and prevent breakage in overload conditions. The sensor also features an eight-conductor cable designed to repeatedly withstand high-g shock acceleration inputs. Input voltage of 5V and cable length of 48" are standard.

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