ServoTek Products (Newell, WV), a member of the Bellofram Group of Companies, has announced the TachSyn Series that can be used as either a brushless DC tachometer or brushless DC motor commutator for monitoring the rotational speed of brushless industrial DC motors. The design consists of a primary magnetic sensing device, in which output windings, field winding, and a permanent magnet are all co-located within the stator itself. The transducers are available in several models to commutate 4-, 6-, or 8-pole brushless DC motors. Any sized tachometer may be specified in applications where a DC tachometer signal is the only requirement.

Pancake-shaped transducers are mounted, cantilever-style, to the back of a motor or other device, with synchro-type adjustment for phasing. Each transducer requires one CT-4 Series circuit board and a connecting cable with double-barreled shield to complete signal conditioning. The circuit board provides AC field excitation for the transducer and conditioning for its output signals, which include a linear low-ripple DC tachometer voltage, and either a Hall-equivalent or sine-wave commutation signal. The circuit board may be housed up to 100 feet from the hot-running motor, leaving only the non-electronic transducer in close proximity.

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