Graphite Metallizing Corp. (Yonkers, NY) offers self-lubricating, non-galling GRAPHALLOY® bearings and wear rings for pumping problems caused by low-viscosity, light hydrocarbon liquids such as Natural Gas Liquids (NGL), LNGs, and CO2. The bearings are used in horizontal and vertical pumps to eliminate operational problems due to the poor lubricity of these liquids. The bearings allow pumps to continue working even when experiencing run-dry, flashing, or cavitation. The bearings and wear rings allow tighter clearances, and lower vibration in vertical and horizontal pumps. GRAPHALLOY materials are self-lubricating, impervious to temperature extremes from -400 to +750 °F, and operate in harsh environments. Special grades provide service up to 1000 °F and higher in non-oxidizing atmospheres.

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Motion Control & Automation Technology Magazine

This article first appeared in the April, 2014 issue of Motion Control & Automation Technology Magazine.

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