NVision (Coppell, TX) has introduced the RoboScanner, a lightweight, turnkey laser scanning system that offers fully automated scanning with 3D analysis for measuring components in a production environment. The scanner weighs 50 pounds and is touch-sensitive, eliminating the need for a safety cage required by large, immobile, high-force robots. The RoboScanner uses a high-resolution digital blue-light scanning system, and can capture over 500,000 points in less than 0.2 seconds. Multiple scans are automatically registered, and the resulting file is compared to a nominal CAD model to receive an instant go/no-go decision.

The scanner utilizes 6 axes with an optional turntable for 7 full axes of movement. All of these axes can be controlled to ensure smooth and fast movement around all of the points to be measured, even on difficult-to-measure horizontal geometry. The scanner offers accuracy to ±.002" or ±0.050 mm. The resolution can be as fine as .0005" or .012 mm. The scanner was designed with integrated software, which can capture scan positions manually or with a mouse click. It then moves automatically to the next scan position. It detects path interference in real time to avoid collisions. All travel paths are logged and can be cut and pasted into script files.

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