ABB Robotics (Auburn Hills, MI) has introduced Integrated Force Control, a consolidation of the discrete software features that were available separately in either the machining or assembly Force Control offerings into a single base module. Force control technology makes robots more intelligent and able to handle process variations with real-time external inputs. Robots with Integrated Force Control react to their surroundings and deviate from their programmed path or speed based on feedback from the force sensor. This makes it possible to automate complex tasks such as machining and small parts assembly where the dexterous handling of work pieces and tools is of the utmost concern.

One feature allows a robot to grind, polish, or buff parts while maintaining a constant force between the tool and the workpiece. Another feature enables a robot to deburr or deflash part-lines and surfaces of parts at a controlled speed, thereby slowing down when encountering excessive burrs or casting flash. The force sensor is protected against overload and EMC, certified to IP65, and suitable for high-precision robotic applications with a compact and lightweight design.

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This article first appeared in the April, 2014 issue of Motion Control & Automation Technology Magazine.

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