Applied Motion Products (Watsonville, CA) has announced the HT range of step motors for DC powered drives available with 10' shielded cables. The motors are available in single- or double-shaft versions with additional encoder or encoder and cover options. The motors are suitable for rugged and industrial applications with stepper drives. HT23-598, HT23-601, and HT34-506 are designed for the ST and STR series DC stepper drives. HT23-552/553/554 and HT34-495/496/497 are designed for the STAC5 and STAC6 high-voltage AC stepper drives.

The motors are available with a single shaft or dual shafts. The YAA and ZAA versions include a 2,000-line (8,000-count/turn) optical encoder with differential output signals for noise immunity. The YAC and ZAC versions include a rugged metal housing and 10' strain-relieved, shielded cable. The encoders support position verification, stall detection, and stall prevention.

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