Mouser Electronics (Mansfield, TX) offers the LPC1500 Motion Control Chip from NXP Semiconductor. The flexible controller can drive a variety of different motors including brushless DC, sensored, sensorless, and permanent magnet motors. The integrated circuit is powered by a 72-MHz ARM Cortex M3 core combined with specialized motor control peripherals. Two 12-bit, 12-channel ADCs and a quadrature encoder interface provide support to drive two motors at the same time. The ADCs sample at 2 Msamples/sec, and allow for motor position sensing and speed control. Precision PWM generators provide motor drive control, including stepper motors.

A 12-bit DAC samples at 500 Ksamples/sec, and provides precision voltage control of DC motors. An on-chip temperature sensor monitors system temperature to correct overheating conditions. External control is achieved via a CAN or USB bus; I²C and SPI interfaces are also available. Programming for specific motor control applications can be performed with free microcontroller firmware that provides pre-written motor control code.

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