ACS Motion Control (Bloomington, MN) has introduced UDMMC compact EtherCAT modules that feature two and four universal drives with ratings of 12 Vdc to 80Vdc, and 2.5A (5A peak) to 20A (40A peak) per drive. Each drive is programmable to control a two-or three-phase servomotor, a DC brush motor, a voice coil motor, and a two- or three-phase step motor. The motor drives address the needs of multi-axis motion applications with limited space.

The safe torque off (STO) cuts the power to the motor without removal of the power source for applications that are required to comply with SIL-3 and PLe safety levels. The four-axis modules can be ordered with mixed current specifications. It is a slave drive that runs under any ACS EtherCAT masters. The MMI Application Studio, a set of software support tools, is provided for configuration, setup, tuning, and diagnostics.

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