Trio Motion Technology (Freeport, PA) has introduced the MC403-Z motion controller in two versions offering control of two or three axes. The core axis connections can be configured as pulse and direction outputs to drives, or as incremental encoder feedback inputs or simulated encoder outputs. The three-axis variant allows one axis to be set-up as an extended axis where the connection may also be configured as an input for SSI, Tamagawa, or EnDAT absolute encoders.

The controllers feature a 64-bit ARM11 processor, digital and analog I/O count, built-in Ethernet, and the ability to add robotic transformations or synchronize motion with double floating point precision. The controller can undertake linear, circular, helical, and spherical interpolation across all axes, as well as flexible CAM shapes and linked motion. The controller has eight 24 VDC digital inputs including six 20-μsec registration inputs, and four 24 VDC bi-directional I/Os. Two 12-bit analog inputs are included, and an RJ45 Ethernet port is provided for programming and connection of HMI or other devices.

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