The T-Series industrial inclinometer from BEI Sensors (Goleta, CA) measures slope or tilt angles of an object with respect to gravity. It uses MEMS technology, and offers a range of motion feedback including dual-axis up to ±60° or single-axis of 360°, with resolution of 0.01° and accuracy of 0.1°. The inclinometer incorporates built-in linearity and temperature compensation both for offset and sensitivity. The tilt sensor provides mechanical stability with an encapsulated sensor and a glass-fiber-reinforced plastic or an AW6082-T6 aluminum alloy housing. The plastic housing is manufactured with automotive-grade, UV-resistant material. Available output options include 4-20 mA or 0.5 – 4.5V for a simple analog interface, or a CANopen output for integration into existing bus systems. Designed for harsh outdoor applications, the inclinometers are sealed up to IP68.

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