Mouser Electronics (Mansfield, TX) offers the Freescale Kinetis KV1x family of microcontrollers for 3-phase sensorless BLDC and PMSM motor control applications. Built upon the ARM® Cortex®-M0+ core running at 75 MHz with hardware square root and divide capability, it includes dual 16-bit analog-to-digital controllers (ADCs) sampling at up to 1.2 megasamples per second (MS/s) in 12-bit mode, multiple motor control timers, up to 32 KB of flash memory, and software that includes reference designs, software libraries, and motor configuration tools.

The 75-MHz Cortex-M0+ core with hardware square root and divide block improves performance in math-intensive applications such as processing of sensorless field-oriented control (FOC) algorithms. The 16-bit ADCs feature two capture and hold circuits and up to 1.2 MS/s sample rate in 12-bit mode, enabling simultaneous measurement of current and voltage phase. Programmable FlexTimers enable PWM generation with integrated power factor correction or speed sensor decoder (incremental decoder/hall sensor). A 4-channel DMA reduces CPU loading for improved application performance.

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