HBM (Marlborough, MA) has introduced the PX460 industrial measurement amplifier that measures raw and filtered torque, frequency, pulse, speed, and angle of rotation. The position-based torque measurements can be used directly by dynamometers and industrial control systems. Users can connect torque sensors to the amplifier and get started with no programming. The amplifier is a plug-in module for the HBM PMX data acquisition and control system, and can acquire up to four channels of data from torque transducers simultaneously with an analog bandwidth of up to 6 kHz.

In addition to powering the torque transducer directly, the amplifier can also acquire encoder signals of up to 2 MHz in rough industrial environments. It interfaces with most reaction arm-based dynamometers. Features include up to four torque flanges (T10, T12, T40) for torque or rotational speed measurement; two measurement channels for simultaneous measurement for rotational speed and angle of rotation; one measurement channel for simultaneous measurement for rotational speed and angle of rotation or reference signal recognition; two angular/incremental encoders each, SSI, PWM sensors, magnetic transducers, or pulse counters; and four measurement channels for frequency measurement up to 2 MHz.

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