Parker’s Electromechanical Automation Division (Rohnert Park, CA) announced the GVM142 HEV motors. The generator and auxiliary motor series is an electric machine intended for use in electric and hybrid electric vehicle (HEV) accessory applications such as high-power alternator replacements and electrohydraulic pump control. They feature a 142-mm frame size with an SAE A adapter mount to be close-coupled to hydraulic pumps. Within this frame size, there are three rotor lengths and dozens of winding variations that enable more than 100 combinations of base speed and power output for ultimate scalability and fine-tuning to the vehicle’s exact power generation or electrohydraulic requirements. The motors have rated power from 2.6kW to 30kW+, rated torque up to 36Nm, rated speed range from 1600 to 9800 RPM, peak power densities up to 3.7 kw/kg, operating voltages from 24VDC to 800VDC, and SAE J1455 environmental standards.

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