FANUC America Corp. (Rochester Hills, MI) offers the Power Motion i-MODEL A motion controller for multi-axes general motion applications. The controller is an integrated solution supporting up to 32 axes of motion control, combined with high-speed programmable logic controllers supporting up to 2,048 input and 2,048 output points. The controller provides a variety of standard screens for setup, operation, and maintenance, and a high-level motion path programming system.

Multi-axis and multi-path functionality are provided for a maximum of 32 total control axes that can be grouped in up to four independent control paths, each path containing a maximum of 24 axes – 4 axes simultaneous motion. Alternatively, up to 16 axes can be individually controlled directly by the programmable logic controller. Advanced functions allow flexible motion control of axes by position, speed, torque, or pressure. A range of customizable display solutions is available, including integrated LCD screens, standalone solutions supporting multiple screens, and handheld displays.

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