Parker’s Electromechanical Automation Division (Irwin, PA) released the High Moment Rodless (HMR) electromechanical linear actuator series that features five different frame sizes, two different drive train options, an IP54 protective cover option, and multiple motor mounting, carriage, and sensor options. The actuators integrate externally accessible lubrication fittings into the carriage that evenly disperse lubricant across the bearing trucks and ball nut. Two options for chassis profiles are available: basic or reinforced.

Features include profile sizes of 085, 110, 150, 180, and 240 mm; a dual drive train with a precision ball screw or high-efficiency timing belt; load capacity up to 26,600 N; standard strokes up to 4000 mm (screw) and 6000 mm (belt); and maximum speed to 1.6 m/s (screw) and 5 m/s (screw). Tandem and bi-parting carriage options are available, as well as internal or external sensor locations. The belt version has four mounting locations at 90 degrees around axis of motion. The actuators operate in ambient temperature range from -30 °C to +80 °C.

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